New solar pump system in operation

Since Dinnagan garden is a nested in between mountains, our terrain is very hilly as well. Our water system feeds from a big tank on the highest point of the farm, from which the water runs to the different crop areas. Until now, an old circular pump driven by a 2500cc car diesel engine was doing the work of pumping the water from our lake to the elevated tank. The height the water has to to be lifted is more than 30m.

For someone not really acquainted with water system that might sound  as not much of a task, but carrying tenth of thousands of liters of water up 30 meters actually needs a strong type of pump. After the diesel pump was deteriorating with leaks and also performing its job quite expensively, we decided that it is time for s eco-friendly, cheaper replacement. After 2 weeks of installation from ourselves (who are not really very skilled in electrical applications), we finally could pull the trigger:

12 square meters of modern solar panels deliver up to 2kW of electrical power to drive the water up the hill. Silent, clean, without cost for energy and carbon footprint, we are proud to once again set an example for eco-friendly organic farming.


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