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organic fruit growing explained

Growing organic fruit at Dinnagan Garden follows strict process definitions. However, nature teaches us uncountable new lessons year by year. Especially for fruits, organic growing is very important in order to produce healthy fruits, since toxic chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides are stored in the trees and accumulated the fruit body during its months long growing process.

Every fruit tree has different requirements and predators, be it insects eating the leaves, bark and fruits or fungi attacking flowers and foliage. At Dinnagan Garden, our profession is to know the right treatment for the right pest and preparing the right cocktail of organic matter and fertilizer to complement the tree’s growth and development

The following areas explain what we as organic fruit farm do different from conventional farms in Thailand:

While most fruit farms in Thailand use high amounts of chemical herbicides to kill grass and weeds growing among their crops, we only cut it manually. That means much less chemicals and a natural fertilizer in form of organic matter for the soil. Additionally, healthy grass keeps humidity much better than an empty surface with black, dead grass stalks. A healthy grass canopy also reduces land erosion on hilly grounds.

We are only allowed to use a very small selection of organically approved fungicides, which are made from natural bacteria and minerals that are easily organically degradable. Additionally, we are only allowed a very small amount of copper-based fungi repellents, which is about 5% what conventional fruit farms use. Good for the soil, since copper is a heavy metal that resides in the soil if used often.

To keep harmful bugs away, we mostly rely on manual traps and repellent liquids. Fruits are either bagged to keep them away from insects or bathed in repellent solution, which consists 100% of organic materials (and most of the times smell horrible).

Hormones is a big business in conventional Thai fruit growing, esp. for lamyai and mangoes, where a wide range of hormones is used to force trees to produce more flowers than they most of the times can support and to make sure the gender of the flowers is the productive one (many trees do produce two gender flowers). As an organic fruit farm, in Thailand we are not allowed to use any chemical hormone, but we do use egg based solutions which have a very mild impact in the flower production. As a result our trees enjoy a stressless live with a healthy amount of flowers on the trees.

The amount of chemical fertilization options in Thailand is endless. For us, the most important fertilizer is the soil. We try to add as much organic matter as possible and order truckloads of it yearly to enhance our soil. Additionally, we use sprayable organic foliage fertilizer which we produce ourselves from 100% natural ingredients and which ripens and ferments for months before being used. As a result we are able to provide the cleanest and healthiest organic fruits in Thailand.

As a result, the nature on our farm is a healthy system which is not over utilized by trying to squeeze as much as return out of it as possible. Our experience is that the resulting healthiness of our trees actually helps them to be more resilient against pests and produce a higher amount of organic fruit than plants that are regularly exposed to chemicals.

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